JASR Book Review

The following titles have been received by the Journal for the Academic Study of Religion as review copies. If you would like to review one of these books for the journal, please email our Book Review Editor, Dr Rosemary Hancock (rosemary.hancock@nd.edu.au). Reviews should be approximately 800 words in length and all quotations require references. We generally request a three month turn-around time on reviews.

New titles

Blin, Arnaud, War and Religion: Europe and the Mediterranean from the First through the Twenty-first Centuries, University of California Press, California, 2019.

Cowan, Douglas, Magic, Monsters and Make-believe Heroes: How myth and religion Shape Fantasy and Culture, University of California Press, California, 2019

Yuet Chau, Adam, Religion in China, Polity Press, Cambridge & Medford, MA, 2019.


 Still available

Arnold, Margaret, The Magdalene in the Reformation, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass. & London, 2018

Bowman, Matthew, Christian: The Politics of a Word in America, Harvard University Press, 2018

Chidester, David, Religion: Material Dynamics, University of California Press, California, 2018

Cox, James L., Restoring the Chain of Memory: T.G.H. Strehlow and the Repatriation of Australian Indigenous Knowledge, Equinox, Sheffield & Bristol, 2018

Crouzet, Denis, Nostradamus: A Healer of Souls in the Renaissance, this edition trans. Mark Greengrass, Polity Press, Cambridge & Medford, 2018

Ely, Richard, ‘At the Edge of Time’: War Letters from an Australian Private Soldier, 1915-1916, Dissenters Press, North Melbourne, 2016 (subject is Baptist minister William Salter)

Kermani, Navid, Wonder Beyond Belief: On Christianity, Polity Press, Cambridge & Medford, 2018

Whitmore, Luke, Mountain, Water, Rock, God: Understanding Kedarnath in the Twenty-First Century, University of California Press, 2018.