Academic News

Research Seminar - Professor James Cox - at Western Sydney University

Sacrament and Liturgy in Digital Spaces

Call for Papers

Conference on Halal at UCL, Belgium

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting CFP  Deadline March 1, 2018

Prison and Religion in the Global South (SSM)

Emerging Religious Pluralism(s)

International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA) conference

SSSR, Religion and Power: The Creation, Reproduction and Deconstruction of Social Orders

Turbulent World Seminars - Love thy neighbour: Oman, Iran,    and the Gulf - Thurs 1st March

Changing Face of European Pilgrimage

EASA2018 - CFP Divine Mobilities: How Gods and Spirits Move Through the World (P102)

Scapegoats, Violence, and Mimetic Theory − 21st International Summer School in Cultural Studies (Jyväskylä, Finland, June 4−6, 2018)

Academic Publications / Projects

Religion and Gender: new issue out: special issue 'Religion, Gender, and Body Politics'

Milani, M. and V. Adrahtas (2018), Modern Talking: Sufi Socio-Political Discourse, Journal of Religious and Political Practice [In Press, Vol 4, Issue 2] DOI: 10.1080/20566093.2018.1439813

Colonial Transformation and Asian Religions in Modern History (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2018) by David. W. Kim

Transforming Tajikistan: State-Building and Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia (I.B.Tauris 2018), by Helene Thibault

New article on financial inclusion of Muslims

FINEX - Financial exclusion, Islamic finance and housing in the Nordic countries

Foroutan, Y. (2018), Formation of Gender Identity in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Does Educational Institution Matter?, Journal of Beliefs & Values, Vol. 39, Issue 2: 

Academic Positions

2 PhD positions on Religion and Politics, Oslo

Full-time permanent position in Religion and Social Sciences at King's College London

Associate Lecturer or Lecturer in Terrorism Studies or Political Violence (Level A/B), Macquarie

Sessional Faculty in Anthropology 2R03 Religion, Magic & Witchcraft, Canada

Sessional Faculty in Anthropology 1AB3 Introduction to Anthropology: Race, Religion & Conflict, Canada

PhD Scholarship in Sociology, Denmark

Research Assistant with a Background in Philosophy/Political Theory, Denmark

Assistant Professor with specialization in Religion in Diaspora: Diversity and Inclusion, Queen’s University, School of Religion, Faculty of Arts and Science

Doctoral student in History of Modern Philosophy and Cognitive Science of Religion, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Arts

Faculty in Arabic Language/Islamic Culture , Abu Dhabi University, University College

PhD Scholarship in Theology and Religious Studies / CHI, University of Groningen, Department Christianity and the History of Ideas

PhD Scholarship in Theology and Religious Studies / JCIO, University of Groningen, Department Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins

2017-18 Non-Tenure Track Faculty Pool in Department of Religious Studies, University of Texas at Austin, College of Liberal Arts