Women's Caucus

The AASR has supported the Women's Caucus for many years, and it is an integral part of the association's structure. The Women's Caucus meets once a year at the annual conference to discuss issues of relevance to women in their professional life. The Caucus is also responsible for the selection of the Penny Magee Memorial Lecture which is given at the annual conference. An email group is put together at each conference for communication through the year.

Contact for the Women's Caucus is: Dr Anna Halafoff, Deakin University.

Penny Magee Memorial Lecture

Penny Magee (1937-1998) was a scholar of religion specialising in feminist studies and Eastern Religions. She trained at the University of South Australia and completed postgraduate work under the supervision of Ninian Smart and Eric Sharp. Penny was also a trained teacher and concert pianist. A scholar of immense integrity and rigour, she was loved by her students, and fought passionately for the recognition of religious studies and feminist religious studies in the academy. Penny was an active early member of the AASR, first as Secretary/Treasurer and then as founding member of ARS Review. Penny founded the AASR Women's Caucus and campaigned for many years for the inclusion of women and feminist voices in the AASR.

The Inaugural Lecture was given by Penny's dear friend and colleague Morny Joy.

2018 Associate Jay Johnston, The University of Sydney
Rewilding Religion: An Aesthetics of Religion Approach

2017 Associate Professor Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, Western Sydney University
Reconsidering Religion, Belief in the Digital Social

2016 Dr Angela Coco, Southern Cross University
Touching taboos: sex, gender and Universal Medicine

2015 Dr Sally McAra, The University of Auckland
"Pretty strange karma!": personal and anthropological entanglements in antipodean Buddhism

2014 Dr Anny Aly, Curtin University WA
Muslim Women: Re- presenting Muslim Women and the Discourse of National Security

2013 Dr Toni Tidswell, Curtin University
Community-based Violence against Muslim Women: A non-Muslim Woman's Response

2012 Dr Sylvie Shaw, University of Queensland
Religion, Resilience and Climate Change: The Role of Religion in Uncertain Environmental Times

2011 Dr Deane Fergie, University of Adelaide
On Indigenous futures

2010 Dr Anna Halafoff, Monash University
Netpeace: multifaith movements and common security

2009 Professor Alanna Nobbs, Macquarie University
Voices from late antique Egypt: Christian women speak

2008 Dr Barbara Kameniar, University of Melbourne
Thai Buddhist women, "bare life" and bravery

2007 Dr Peta Goldburg, Australian Catholic University
Religion Studies: From University to School

2006 Professor Majella Franzmann, University of New England
Tehat the Weaver: Women's Experience in Manichaeism in Fourth-century Roman Kellis

2005 Associate Professor Julia Day Howard, Griffith University
The New Spiritualities, East and West: Colonial Legacies and the Global Spiritual Marketplace in Southeast Asia

2004 Dr Kalpana Ram, Macquarie University
Religion, Gender and the Postcolonial Crisis of the Present: Reflections on and from India

2003 Dr Anne Pattel-Gray, Flinders University
The Aboriginal Process of Inculturation

2002 Dr Marion Maddox Victoria University Wellington
All in the Family: Women, Religion and the Australian Right

2001 Dr Kim Power, Australian Catholic University
Luce Irigaray and the Emergence of a Divine Horizon for Women

2000 Dr Kathleen McPhillips, University of Western Sydney,
Hidden Histories of the Menstrual Body

1999 Inaugural Lecture, Professor Morny Joy, University of Calgary
Beyond A God’s Eyeview